Help in Malware Removal

how do i get rid of idle buddy

I keep trying to delete it but it says something about running in asus control service First, if you have not the latest version of UnHackMe, download UnHackMe from our site: 1. Open UnHackMe, 2. Click Help in Removal(Remote Assistant). 3. Follow instructions how to send us RegRunlog. 4. Click 'Upload' button. If you have any troubles with it, you can manually attach "regrunlog.txt" from your desktop and send us by e-mail to: 5...

I haven't received my ID Key or a download link so that I can download Warrior.

I paid by credit card last night the 13th May Western Australian time. You have purchased RegRun Warrior download. The link and instructions was sent you immediately after purchase. I sent you it again. Please, open a ticket or contact us by email, because now you write in public. ok First, if you have not the latest version of UnHackMe, download UnHackMe from our site: 1. Open UnHackMe, 2. Click "Remote Assistant". 3. Follow instructions how to send us Re...

Warrior info AVI file not readable

Bought Warrior the other day. Have created a disc with all the stuff on. There is a 'how to use' AVI file that's not supported by my machine (I'm using Windows 10). Can you email a copy in a readable format, please?

Upgrade to Pro or diff in Portable and Pro

What exactly is the difference in PRO and Portable? Are the programs exactly the same only differences in qty? Thanks!

Is this part of your software?

Regrun2 - This started running this AM as I was previewing "UnHackMe". I am running a portable device and do not see it being scanned. Is there a way to select which drive is scanned? So far impressed, yet not a guru on spy ware. RJ

RegRun7 startup option

RegRun7 Reanimator starts each time I boot but I cannot find an option to control that. How do I prevent it from automatically starting each time and ONLY starting when I request it? Thank you, Dan

Would you say that Unhackme is similar or comparable to MalwareBytes?

Unhackme is new to me but seems much akin to MalwareBytes. Could it be compared/equivalent to or said to be complimentary to MB? Much obliged!

Worrior Order

It is my understanding that after I opened and read my thank you for ordering WORRIOR that it is for off line checking of malware. Well I bought this softwear because it stated a must before I could continue process, so please refund my $ 14.95 because i will not use it, concidering I will use unhackme while on line. Joyce Rhodes # u6989896602


Hello Your application can use to remove the xmr_menerd.exe malware from windows server 2008r2. i tried to delete the malware folder manually , and still its come back again next 12 hours. Please let me knwo your answer in order to purchase the full version. thank you.

Windows XP Startup Loads Twice Again By BootRacer

Dear Sir / Madam Windows XP Startup Loads Twice Again By BootRacer Checked It Out Can Confirm Bootloader Runs My Start Folder in Startmenu Startup Again So Runs Twice Any Idea's Kind Regards Matthew

UnHackMe Enterprise Edition licence

UnHackMe Enterprise Edition ( for 10 PC for $249.95 comes with LIFETIME licence for use and upgrade? Thanks, A. Jurek

Will Reanimator work with Windows 10?

I'm having a frequent problem at startup, won't load the OS. Power and green light lightup on desktop tower, but nothing happens most of the time. If computer is not used and goes to sleep, I can't get it to wake up. I manually shut down computer and try to restart and most of the time it won't. If it does startup, it seems to work OK w/no problems. I don't know if this is a corrupt Windows 10, computer hardware problem, or malware.

I have the UnHackme registered version

I am wondering is there is a tool that can be used to access the overall performance of my computer which runs on Vista 64 bit? I have the UnHackme registered version and have run the scan several times. For example, my computer is very slow to start and to shut off -- and I do not see any improvement since I began using the UnHackme. What is the best maintenance software I can use to keep good efficiency -- the computer seems to have several slow inefficient procedures as it is booting up until...

I have not received an activation code. Where do I get it?

My e-mail is and my order ID number is 2776125-001-24UF. My account number is 1975407.

SharewareOnSale promotion UnHackMe (50% discount)

Today, Sharewareonsale is running promotion, UnHackMe with free lifetime upgrades (50% discount) for 1 PC. Will you offer UnHackMe for 2 PCs with the same 50% discount? Thank you.


During BootUp I get a blank screen with these words along the top: RegRun Partizan - Bootwatch AntiRootkit - Greatis Software Then the screen goes totally black for almost 2 minutes! 1) What is happening AND if it's an Option running, and if I wish- how and where do I stop it? 2) Why are these files located in my DOCUMENTS folder? 3) Can they be Deleted or Relocated, if so, how and where? C:\Users\Stephen\Documents\RegRun2\Regrun2.rr2 C:\Users\Stephen\Documents\RegRun2\fixed.csv I prefer my Docu...


Hi, I just purchased UnHackMe. Does it create a folder at the root of the C: drive called @RestoreQuarantine? Thanks, Carmen

unhackme warrior disk update

Hello, is there an update for the unhackme warrior disk ans if yes, how do i download it? Thanks Cordialy

W 8.1 очень долгая загрузка.

Starting Bootracer 4.7:21.04.2015 21:50:23 Computer:DMN-1 Version:NT 6.2 9200 Bootracer is in Phase1. Cleared File Rights:C:\Users\Public\Documents\bootracer.log Cleared File Rights:C:\Users\Public\Documents\bootracer.his 21.04.2015 21:50:25 Device:\\clfs Device:\\Fat Device:\\FatCdrom Device:\\Ntfs Device:\Device\_HID00000000 Device:\Device\_HID00000001 Device:\Device\_HID00000002 Device:\Device\_HID00000003 Device:\Device\00000001 Device:\Device\00000002 Device:\Device\00000003 Device:\Device\...

I can't boot with Partizan.

I have a new install of windows 8.1 and after setting in Unhackme boot with Partizan my new tablet Acer Aspire Switch 10 can't boot. I must only reinstall. What happen? Thank you for your ansswer.