Jun 28, 2015
SteveV wrote
During BootUp I get a blank screen with these words along the top:
RegRun Partizan - Bootwatch AntiRootkit - Greatis Software
Then the screen goes totally black for almost 2 minutes!
1) What is happening AND if it's an Option running, and if I wish- how and where do I stop it?

2) Why are these files located in my DOCUMENTS folder?
3) Can they be Deleted or Relocated, if so, how and where?
I prefer my Documents folder to be MY documents and NOT folders or files that look like they belong somewhere in USERS!
Keeping it organized, minimal and the least scrollable is my goal.

4) Why is category locked?
Thanks, Steve
2 Answers
Jun 28, 2015
SteveV wrote
Jun 29, 2015
Dmitry Sokolov agent wrote
1) Partizan works very fast, less than one second, but the screen does not updated until Windows system does no change the video mode.
You can check it by disabling Partizan using UnHackMe, Options.
2) Files are created during malware scanning. You cannot change this location.
You can delete these files as well.