Windows XP Startup Loads Twice Again By BootRacer

Nov 16, 2015
Matthew Lancaster wrote
Dear Sir / Madam

Windows XP Startup Loads Twice Again By BootRacer

Checked It Out

Can Confirm Bootloader Runs My Start Folder in Startmenu Startup Again So Runs Twice

Any Idea's

Kind Regards
6 Answers
Nov 16, 2015
Dmitry Sokolov agent wrote
What's your BootRacer version?
Nov 16, 2015
Matthew Lancaster wrote
Thank You for The Message
Ver 4.9
I Recently Found on Your Web Site
When Look for Windowse I been a Fan of For Long Time
Programming Visual Basic
I Like It a Lot Having a Boot Time

Thank You
Nov 16, 2015
Matthew Lancaster wrote
It Displays a Form Window Box With Info ABout What Is Loading in Startmenu
I Never Noticed at 1st Few Runs
It Seemed Okay
But it is at that Time It Does This Extra Display of Form of Startmenu Load Load
the Start Menu Twice as It is Already Loaded
I Thought It was Extra Informative Feature About What Is Loading But Has Bit More to It Than That

I Have One Program of My Own Which is a Delayed Boot Loader for StartMenu Startup
Has Links for the Delay Startup in Another Folder Nearby
My Program Has a Command line for Delay Time
I Changed and It Was Dupe the Same
at First I wasn't Sure
Task Manager
When I Caught It Quick before Bootracer Ended
It Told Result Boot Loader Had Loaded My Program in StartMenu startup Twice
Not a Problem I set My Program to App.PreviousInstance at the Moment to Get Around It
And Can Set Without app.PreviousInstance for Testing

Thank You For Any Ideas
Nov 17, 2015
Dmitry Sokolov agent wrote
Of course, I have an idea.
We have an internal feature in BootRacer.
Seems like it is incompatible with your configuration.
Please, open a ticket and I will send you a fixed version of BootRacer.
Now you write in public and I don't see your e-mail.
Nov 18, 2015
Matthew Lancaster wrote
Thank You for Your Trouble
You Can End This Post in Public as Solved Conclusion
As Problem Sorted Itself Out and Went Away - and Don't Happen Any more

I Looked to Make a Donation Because I Used Windowse Again Today Programming With Explorer Found Out To Look Findwindow as Progman Class or Window to See If Existed Killed With a Crash

About Donation I Only Saw Pay Towards Source Code and Was More Expensive Than I Can Afford

I Would Like to Try an Buy Your BootLogger Pro Version
I Have About a 5 or More Program List Script I Want to Buy
Not Many - But Keep an Eye On The Buttons
I Paid For WInRAR and a Few Many Other
Disappoint With WinISO Only Allows Install 5 Times And Then Buy Again Expensive Too I'm On Last One It Told Me - And Crashes Well And Competition UltraISO Is Good Robust
Rambling On
Wish I Think Before I Type
Didn't Realise It was a Public Answer
Private Mail Me To Find a Solution About Make a Donation
Nice Seeing Other Persons Programming Ideas While I Program on Things to do With My Own Ideas

Have a Happy Thursday Up Before Me UK Time
Nov 21, 2015
Dmitry Sokolov agent wrote
Thank you, Matthew!

Sorry for delay with my answer.
I was sick.
You can purchase BootRacer Business 19.95$ if you want to make a donation.
Best wishes,